Benefits and Deductions

To set up a benefit select the "Benefits & Deductions" drop down and click "Benefits"

You'll now be taken inside of the Benefits folder where you'll be able to view/edit all of your current Benefits set up for payroll. From here, you'll have the option to:

  1. Create a new Benefit
  2. Request a Custom Benefit
  3. Configure Employees

Create a Benefit

To create a new Benefit, select "+ Create Benefit" at the top right of the screen

You'll now be guided through setting up a new benefit.

1. Select the "type" from the drop-down. This will tell Humi how to tax the benefit and ensures it gets filtered to the correct spot on the T4

2. You can now "Name" your benefit. The name entered here will be used as the display name on all paystubs and payroll reports

3. Enter in GL codes applicable to the benefit you're looking to set up. You can always leave these blank and them in later by going back to Benefits > Selecting the benefit > Edit or add them in the Journal Entry Report Settings (Reporting > Payroll > Journal Entry Report > Report Settings

Request a Custom Benefit

If you're looking for a custom benefit type that isn't available in the "Type" drop down, you can always request a Custom Benefit Type

Once, you select "Request Custom Benefit" a pop-up will display asking for all relevant details related to setting up the new Custom Benefit.

1. Enter in the Benefit Name

2. Select all T4 boxes that apply. Payroll will automatically apply all relevant T4 boxes based on the Employer Contributions tax settings

3. Submit your request. From here, our Payroll Specialists will review the benefit to ensure it aligns with CRA requirements and add it to your account. Please give 24-48 hours for our team to get this set up

Configure Employees

Once your Benefit is set up, you can start adding employees and configuring amounts. Click into the benefit you'd like to configure employees for and then select "Employees"

From here, you can now add employees by click "Add/Remove Employees" at the top right. Once you've selected all the employees that belong on the benefit, click "Select".

You know have the option to assign:

  1. Effective Dates - Humi will automatically default each employee's effective date to the date you've added them to the benefit. You can click on the calendar icon to set a a future effective date. For example, if you have an employee that enrols into benefits three months after their start date, you can set them up to automatically apply when they hit their third month

    Note: Payroll will not prorate benefits based on the effective date. Rather, if the date falls in the current period, payroll will apply the benefit to the employee. If the effective date falls outside of the pay period, Humi will not apply the benefit to the employee

  1. Employee Premium - The amount that will be deducted from the employees pay. This can be set a $ amount or a % based on their compensation (% does not include Income Types such as Bonuses and Commissions)

  2. Company Contribution - The amount that will be tracked through payroll for tax and reporting purposes. This can be set a $ amount or a % based on their compensation (% does not include Income Types such as Bonuses and Commissions)

  3. Frequency - This will allow you to set when you'd like the benefit to apply. Payroll will default employees to each pay period although you have the options to set the benefit to take affect The first pay period of the month, the second pay period of the month, third pay period of the month (for Weekly and bi-weekly pay schedules) or just one time

If you'd like to configure employees in bulk, you have two options:
Option 1: Click "Download CSV Template" and upload all your employee benefit information using the csv formatting shown in the template.
Option 2: You can bulk select employees and apply configurations all at once. Simply click on the check box next to each employees name and a bulk editing tool will display at the bottom of the screen. You can now assign all of these employees at once with the same configurations


To set up a Deduction select the "Benefits & Deductions" drop down and click "Deductions"
You can now follow the same steps for setting up, requesting and configuring Deductions as shown for Benefits