Managing Uploaded Documents

Document Directory

When going into the Documents module, you will land initially in the ‘Doc Directory’. This is where all of your uploaded Documents will live (except for employee-specific documents).

Common Documents Examples:

  • TD1 Tax Forms (Signing Template)
  • Company Employee Handbook (Signing Template)
  • 2020 Health and Safety Policy (View Only Document)
  • Office Floor & Parking Plan (View Only - Public)

Document Tags

Document Tags (seen on the left hand side of the document directory) can be used to organize the documents uploaded to your company's Humi account. Toggling the checkbox beside tag names will apply a filter on your directory to only display the documents that contain all the tags that you have selected.

As your company grows, the directory will quickly follow suit and could become challenging to manage without adequate tools. For this reason, we strongly encourage making use of document tags as soon as you get started!

Document Tags are created during the uploading of a document. In the documents tag input field, users can search for pre-existing tags or enter a new name which will create the tag automatically.

Two options exist in order to make changes to the way your documents are tagged:

Individual Document

If you wish to change an existing document's tags, simply click the "..." in the document's page and select "re-name and edit tags".

Multiple Documents

If you wish to rename an existing tag and have the change applied to all documents that have been tagged with it, select "edit" in the dropdown for the document tag in the directory.

Each Document can have multiple tags assigned to them, meaning you can categorize your documents to a very granular level (ex: you can isolate all ‘Benefits’ documents, used during ‘Onboarding’, for ‘Full-Time’ employees, from ‘2019’).

Tags are most useful when trying to find and isolate specific documents in your ‘Docs Directory’, but also during the ‘New Hire’ set up. It is recommended to create an ‘Onboarding’ or ‘New Hire’ tag. When adding an employee to your People – Directory via the ‘+ Employee – New hire’ button, you will be prompted to attach ‘Onboarding Documents’. If you select ‘+ Onboarding Documents’ and click the ‘Filter’ button, you will be able to use your ‘Tags’ to isolate the necessary documents for this New hire.

Editing Documents

Search/Filter/Sort through Documents

  • You can use the search bar to quickly and easily locate documents
  • By clicking on any of the column titles (‘Name’, ‘Created’, ‘Status’), it will reorganize the order of the documents (alphabetically, chronologically, etc)

Humi Hint: If you are uploading multiple documents of a similar type (ie: Department Specific documents or Payroll related forms), make the beginning of the name consistent for all of them (ie: “Marketing - …” or “Payroll - …”). This will make searching and isolating for them when using the ‘Name’ filter much easier!

Of course you have tags to be your primary organization tool, but they will also provide an extra level of organization and make Documents visually easier to use
  • By selecting the ‘…’ beside each document, you are able to ‘Download’ and ‘Delete’ that Document.
  • You can open and view any document by clicking on its row.

Viewing Documents

Selecting a document will allow you to manage all options for that Document from the ‘Doc Preview’ and ’Employees Assigned’ tabs. You will be brought automatically to it’s ‘Doc Preview’ tab. Here, you can view the document you selected and toggle through it’s pages with the arrows in the top right corner of the document. For Signing Templates: Added annotation fields (ie: Signature, Textboxes, etc) will not show in the ‘Doc Preview’, as the preview shows the document in its uploaded state. To see and edit the annotation fields for this document, select the ‘Template editor’ button in the top right corner of the page.By selecting the ‘...’ in the top right corner, a drop down of options will appear to:


The PDF version of the original document

Rename & Edit Tags

  • Change the display name of the document
  • Add, remove, or create new Tags
  • To create a Tag, type whatever you want the Tag name to be in the ‘Tag’ bar and then press ‘Return’ or ‘Enter’ on your keyboard. You will see the typed word become a ‘Tag’ with a  ‘x’ beside it for you to remove it if necessary. For adding Tags that have already been created, when you click on the ‘Tag’ bar, you can pick existing tags from a drop down list.
  • Adjust the ‘Number of Cosigners’

View Document Details

Who is was ‘Uploaded by’, the ‘Date Uploaded’, and the most recent date it was ‘Modified’