Adding Documents to Humi

The first step in using the Documents module is to add documents to your Humi account. This can be done in a few different ways based on your particular use case. Document Types below will provide an explanation for each type and help you choose the best place to get started.

Document Types

There are three types of documents within Humi: employee-specific documents, signing documents, and view-only documents. Each document requires a different process of creation and can be used for a variety of company files.

Employee-Specific Documents:

Employee-specific documents are assigned to a single employee within the system by uploading it onto their employee profile. This type of document is mainly used as a method of storing documents.

Signing Templates:

A signing template is a document that requires signature by the employees you assign to it. Employees will be asked to sign the document once they are done reading it. Our system supports multi-signing documents, with a max cap of three cosigners per signing template.

View-Only Documents:

View-only documents only require employees to acknowledge the document once they have finished reading it.

Please note that all Documents that need to be uploaded should be in PDF format for Humi.

Both signing-templates and view-only documents will allow you to assign employees to them once the document has been created. When you create an employee-specific document, it will only be assigned to the employee who's profile you uploaded the document to.

During the creation of either a signing template or a view-only document, you have the option to add tags to it. Tags are used to help organize and group Documents. This can be a very powerful tool if utilized properly. Much like putting Documents into a folder, by assigning a Tag to a group of documents you will be able to quickly and easily locate them by checking the box beside the Tag. You can create and assign unique Tags to documents when uploaded/creating a document/template or when viewing and editing a previously uploaded/created document/template.

Add Document Directly to Employee Profile

By going into an employee’s document section on their profile, you can add a document that is specifically only for them. Similar to signing templates and view-only documents, you must upload a file to serve as the document that is being assigned. Humi allows you to upload one file per assigned document.

You will not be able to assign additional employees to a document that has been uploaded on an employee's profile.

In addition to uploading a file, you can add a name for the document and the custom roles that should be able to view this document. If you leave this field blank then only Admins and the employee's Manager will be able to see it by default

Create Signing Template

Upload File

While creating a signing template, you will be asked to upload an external file that will serve as your document. You are only able to upload one file per signing template.

Once you have selected the type of document you are creating, upload your document by clicking 'Select file' or drag and drop your file in the dotted area.

Now all that you have left to fill-in is the Document Name, which is required and two optional fields, Tags and the Number of Cosigners for this signing template.

Setup Template

Now that your document has been uploaded to Humi, it's time to set up your template. Select the signature, initials, date signed, text box, or checkbox fields along the left side of the document preview and then click wherever you want that field to be placed on the template. You can drag the field around to reposition it. On the right side panel you can toggle if you want the selected field to be required or not and who should be filling out this field (ex/ primary signer, humi to auto-populate field, etc). Once you are finished setting up your signing template, click 'Continue' in the top right corner.

Create View-Only Document

When creating a view-only document, you also need to upload an external file. Only one file can be added per view-only document. After doing this, you need to add a document name (this will appear in the directory and when the document is sent out to employees) and tags (employees will not be able to see these, they will only be in the directory as filtering options) that are relevant to the subject of the document.