Integrated Benefits

Please note that this only applies if you are on an integrated benefits plan with Humi.

Enrolling in benefits as an employee

If you have been added to a benefits plan, you will receive an email as well as a notification on your Humi dashboard to inform you. Click on the notification to begin completing your benefits enrolment.

The Plan Details tab will display everything you need to know about your benefits plan including policy numbers, booklets, and a link to your carrier portal. 

Under “Benefits”, click on the “Enrolment Information” tab. Here you will see the due date for your enrolment details. Your due date is the date by which you must have your enrolment completed in order to avoid being classified as a late applicant. 

Click on the “Start enrolment” button to start your enrolment.

Step 1 - Personal Information

On this step, simply verify your information and select your legal sex. Humi understands that gender is non-binary, but we respectfully ask for your legal sex as this information is required by the insurance carriers.

Step 2 - Partner/Spouse Information

On this step, you are prompted to enter your marital status. If applicable, you will also be prompted to enter your partner or spouse information. 

If your spouse also has benefits with their employer, you will be prompted to include these details as well.

Step 3 - Dependant Information

On step 3, you will be prompted to include your dependant(s) information, if applicable. 

Step 4 - Beneficiary Information

In this step, you are asked to designate your beneficiary for your life insurance. A beneficiary is the person/people that will receive your life insurance payout in the event of your death. You are able to provide multiple primary beneficiaries, as well as multiple contingent beneficiaries. If you name a child as a beneficiary, you will also be prompted to appoint a trustee.

If you do not list a beneficiary, your life insurance will go to your estate in the event of your death, and the individual in charge of your estate will have to pay additional estate fees and taxes to receive that life insurance. 

Step 5 - Review and Submit

Simply review the information you have provided, and click “Complete” to complete your enrolment. 

Signing Beneficiary Forms

After completing your enrollment, you will be able to sign your beneficiary form. You will be notified via in-app notification and email that the document is ready for your signature.

This document can be signed just like any other document in Humi.

Submit a Change Request

If you need to request a change, you can do so by clicking the “Request Change” button under “Enrolment Information”.

Simply follow the steps and update any relevant information, and submit the request.

Once submitted, your request will be sent to your benefits plans administrator for approval. You may also modify or delete the request by clicking the “Edit” and “Delete” buttons on the right-hand side.

Approving a Change Request

As an administrator, you can view any change requests by selecting a plan and then navigating to the “Change Requests” tab. Click on any change request to view its details.

From this page, you can view the details of the requested change, as well as approve or deny the request with an optional note. Please ensure you regularly check the change requests, as delaying approving them could impact the change requested by the employee. 

Once approved or denied, the employee will receive both an in-app and email notification.

If a note was attached to the approved or denied request, it will be viewable by clicking the link in the confirmation banner.