Employee Guide: How to use "Employee Time Tracking"

Our "Employee Time Tracking" feature allows you to submit your time worked from anywhere to ensure you'll always be paid on time. 

This feature allows you to submit your hours for approval in two ways:

Continue reading to find out how to use employee time tracking as an employee.

How to remotely clock in and out 


Click the "Clock" button > "Clock in" button > Select the project if applicable > Start > When your shift is completed: "Clock" button > Clock out > End Shift 

  1. Click the "Clock" button on the Humi menubar's left side, then click the "Clock In" button.GIF_Recording_2022-11-02_at_11.32.19_AM.gif
  2. If there is an active project that you would like to track your hours for, select the project name from this dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can also select the "No Project" option. Once you've finished your selection, click "Start."
  3. Once you've finished tracking hours for that particular project, open the clock and click "Clock out,," and on the next page, click "End Shift."Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_11.40.54_AM.png

How to submit a time entry to add your hours manually


Click the "Clock button > "+ Add Entry" link > Fill in the fields > Submit

  1. Click the "Clock" button on the Humi menubar's left side, then click the blue "+ Add Entry" link.
  2. Enter your hours worked by completing each of the fields on this page.
    Select the date you worked, enter your start time in the "Time" field, enter the number of hours you worked in the "Length (Hours)" field and use the dropdown to select the project name if applicable. If there's no project, leave it on "No project."  Screen_Shot_2022-11-03_at_9.20.01_AM.png
  3. That's it, you've submitted your time entry, and it's now pending approval. 


If you realize that you made a mistake after submitting your timesheet, you could still edit it as long as it's still in a "Pending" status. Learn how to view or edit your timesheet here.  

You're now ready to use employee time tracking to submit your hours worked from anywhere!

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