Troubleshooting tips for adding new employees to Payroll

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Running into any hiccups while adding employees to Payroll? No worries! Let's check a couple of things to make sure everything's set up right:

  1. Make sure all your employees are in an Active status in Humi. We want everyone on board!
  2. Double-check that all employee information is up-to-date, including their correct Office Location for tax purposes. We wouldn't want anyone to miss out!

Check the employee status

Remember, Payroll can only be allocated to our active teammates. Anyone who's still in the onboarding stage can't be added to Humi Payroll just yet. They need to finish their onboarding and become an active part of our Humi family first.


In the People section, under the Directory tab, you can filter the list by status and select onboarding. This will quickly highlight any team members still in the onboarding process.

If you spot any, you can send them a friendly reminder to finish up their onboarding? Then they can be added to Humi Payroll and join the rest of the team.


Verify employee information

To be added to Humi Payroll, some mandatory information is needed. 

In People from the Directory, click on the employee's name to be directed to their Employee Profile. 

In the Personal tab, ensure the following is correct:

  • Employee's legal name
  • Date of birth 
  • SIN number

In the Job & Pay tab, you'll need to check their:

  • Office location
  • Bank account information
  • Current Compensation
  • Vacation Payout Method

Direct deposit – Bank account information


Let's make sure your employees get paid right! If they'll be receiving their paycheck via direct deposit, you'll need to fill in their bank account details in this section.

Just click on Edit and you'll be able to enter or update the information.

Office Location 


Now, here's a little something about provincial taxes. The Office Location of your employee determines the provincial taxes that get deducted from their paycheck.

Got employees working remotely from different provinces? No problem! You should set their office location to the Primary office location. If you're not sure where the primary office is, you can easily find it under the Offices tab in the Company section.

For example, let's say your primary office location is in beautiful British Columbia (BC) but you've got an employee working in Ontario without a physical office there. In this case, you should set the employee's office location as BC, and their taxes will be calculated based on BC tax rates.

Current Compensation 

In this section you should check that their salary is correct.


In order to be included in the payroll, each employee must have a "Regular Pay" assigned to them. Any additional compensations are completely separate from this regular pay. So, if an employee doesn't have a regular pay amount assigned, they unfortunately won't appear on the payroll.

If your employee is getting a raise or a salary bump, you can easily create a new compensation for them. If they're tackling a special project or taking on an additional role, you can add an additional compensation.

Vacation Pay Method

When you add an employee to Payroll, by default, their Vacation Pay Method is set to "Accrued vacation pay will be banked in Humi and be paid out when this employee takes vacation."

But, no worries if your company prefers to pay the accrued vacation pay with each payroll. You can simply tweak this setting in this section.

How to change the Vacation Pay Method

  1. In the Vacation Pay Method section, click Edit on the top right corner. Screen_Shot_2022-10-04_at_2.38.16_PM.png
  2. Select "Pay out accrued vacation pay with every Payroll" and click Save. Screen_Shot_2022-10-04_at_2.38.28_PM.png
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