Troubleshooting tips for adding new employees to Payroll

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If you have any problems adding employees to Payroll, check the following items to ensure they are correctly set up:

  1. Ensure all employees are in "Active" status in Humi.
  2. Check that all employee information is up to date, including that they are set up with the correct "Office Location" for tax purposes.

Check the employee status

Payroll can only be added to "Active" employees. Anyone who is still in the "Onboarding" status cannot be added to Humi Payroll until they have completed their onboarding and become a "Active" employee in Humi.


In "People," under the "Directory" tab, filter the list by "status" and select "onboarding." This will allow you to quickly see if there are any employees in an "onboarding" status.

If there are, you can send a reminder to everyone in "onboarding" so they can complete it and be added to Humi Payroll.

Check employee information

To be added to Humi Payroll, some mandatory information is needed. 

In "People" from the "Directory," click on the employee's name to be directed to their "Employee Profile." 

In the "Personal" tab, ensure the following is correct:

  • Employee's legal name
  • Date of birth 
  • SIN number

In the "Job & Pay" tab, you'll need to check their:

  • Office location
  • Bank account information
  • Current Compensation
  • Vacation Payout Method

Direct deposit – Bank account information


If employees will be paid with "direct deposit," then their bank account information must be completed in this section. 

Click "Edit" to enter or update their banking information. 

Office Location 


The employee's "Office Location" determines the provincial taxes that will be deducted from the employee.

If you have remote workers in other provinces, their "Office Location" should be set to the "Primary" office location. If you're unsure which office is the "Primary" office, you can find it in "Company" under the "Offices" tab.

For example, if the "Primary" office location is in British Colombia (BC) and the employee works in Ontario, but there's no physical office location in Ontario, then the employee's "Office Location" should be the BC location, and they will be taxed using BC tax rates. 

Current Compensation 

In this section, check that their salary is correct.

You can create a "New Compensation" if your employee gets a raise or salary increase. If they're working on a special project or have an additional job role, you can add an "Additional Compensation."

Vacation Pay Method

When you add an employee to Payroll, by default, their "Vacation Pay Method" is set to "Accrued vacation pay will be banked in Humi and be paid out when this employee takes vacation."

However, if your company's vacation pay method is to pay this employee the vacation pay they've accrued on every payroll, then you can change this setting in this section. 

How to change the Vacation Pay Method

  1. In the "Vacation Pay Method" section, click "Edit" on the top right corner. Screen_Shot_2022-10-04_at_2.38.16_PM.png
  2. Select "Pay out accrued vacation pay with every Payroll” and click Save. Screen_Shot_2022-10-04_at_2.38.28_PM.png
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