How to enter onboarding "Vacation Starting Balances"

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When you first sign up for Humi Payroll, you're required to enter your employees' Year-to-Date information so that we can keep accurate records and calculate payrolls correctly. Similarly, you must also enter your employees' "Vacation Starting Balances" so that Humi can accurately manage and track their vacation accruals.

Important note

The information you provide should come from your previous payroll provider. You must enter this information after you have run your final payroll with your previous payroll provider and before running your first payroll in Humi. You'll only be able to enter vacation starting balances before running your first payroll in Humi because once you run your first payroll it will be locked.  

When the vacation starting balances are entered in Humi, and your employees receive their first Humi paystub, they'll see that their vacation pay balance has been accurately carried over, increasing their trust in Humi.

How to enter "Vacation Starting Balances"

  1. In "Payroll," navigate to the "Records" tab and select "Vacation Starting Balances" from the dropdown menu. Screen_Shot_2022-10-03_at_1.24.02_PM.png
  2. You'll be directed to the "Vacation Starting Balances" page where you'll see a table populated with all of your employees in Humi Payroll.
  3. Enter each employee's vacation balance as calculated by your previous payroll provider.

    You can treat the table like an Excel spreadsheet and copy and paste the information from your previous payroll provider's payroll register or YTD report directly into appropriate columns for each employee.

    Click the "Open fullscreen" link in the top right corner to work on the spreadsheet in fullscreen view.

That's it! During your Humi onboarding, you'll be ready to enter your employees' vacation starting balances. To learn more about the features available in Humi Payroll, click on the links below.

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