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We understand that switching service providers can be challenging, but with our data importers, you can quickly import existing data or change employee data in bulk to save time, energy, and headaches.

We have three tools available:

  • Time Off Requests Importer 
  • Time Off Balances Importer 
  • Time Off Adjustments Importer 

Time Off Requests Importer


The Time Off request importer is a simple way to import your existing Time Off data into Humi. This tool is typically used only once while completing your Humi implementation.

However, you can use it at any time to bulk import historical and upcoming time off requests.

Learn how to import Time Off Requests here.

Time Off Balances


This importer allows you to reset Time Off balances in bulk for several employees at once. This importer is frequently used at the end of the year reset all employees' Time Off balance to zero when not using our automatic carryover cap feature to do so.

Learn how to use the Time Off Balances Importer here.

Important note

If you allow employees to go into a negative balance, the year-end automatic carryover cap will not reset any negative balances to zero, and you must manually reset these to zero. If you don't reset their Time Off balance to zero, the negative balance will be deducted from their new Time Off balance for the following year.

Time Off Adjustments


This tool is often used for importing bonus accruals for Time In Lieu, or for easily giving other types of bonus accruals to many employees at once.

Learn how to use the Time Off Adjustments Importer here.

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