How to add a folder

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Folders are an excellent way to organize all of your related documents. All folders created in "Documents" are visible from the sidebar, making it easier to find the document you need.



"Documents" > Select the location you want to add the folder > Click "+ Add Folder" > Enter the folder name > Click "Create folder"

1. In "Documents," select the storage drive or folder that you want to add the new folder within. 

2. Click the "+ Add Folder" button. 

3. In the pop-up, read the title to confirm that you're creating the folder in the intended location. Screen_Shot_2022-04-06_at_2.44.17_PM.png

4. Enter the folder name in the field then click the "Create Folder" button. 

The folder has been created, and you'll see it displayed on the sidebar. You can now drag and drop existing documents into it or add new documents by clicking the "+ Add Document" button. Learn more about adding documents here

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