A complete guide to using the "Template Editor"

We know the first time using the template editor can be a little confusing. After uploading your document, Humi automatically directs you to our "Template Editor" shown below. 


We've created this guide to help you get the most out of the template editor so you can create document templates more efficiently.

Click the "Got it" button to get started.


In the template editor, under the "Signers" section, you'll see a dropdown menu that contains three options:

  • Me (now) - These are fields you can add to the document
  • Sender - These are fields that will auto-populate with employee information
  • Employee- These are the fields the assigned employee will complete


"Employee" is the default view. Each "signer" has different fields available on the toolbar with different settings that can be adjusted from the menu on the right. 

"Employee" signer

When the signer dropdown is set to "Employee," the fields added to the document will be blue, and the employee assigned to the document will be responsible for filling them out.

Select the field you require from the toolbar on the left, then drag and drop it into the required location on the document.

To resize the field box, hover over the corner of the box until it turns into an arrow, then click and hold to resize it to fit the area as shown below:signature-field.gif

Available fields on the "Employee" signer toolbar:

  • Signature: Add this field to each place where an employee's signature is required.
  • Initials: Add this field to any place where the employee's initials are required.
  • Date Signed: Add this field where the date is required. 
  • Textbox: Add a textbox field where you want the employee to type in a freeform response.
  • Checkbox: Add this field to the place on the document where the employee must choose from a list of choices.
  • Dropdown - You can use this field to add a dropdown menu to your document. Look for the "Options" heading on the right sidebar. This is where you can add in the options that will be displayed on the dropdown menu.  Screen_Shot_2022-03-17_at_7.12.42_PM.png
  • Radio group

How to adjust the field settings


When you add a field to the document, a menu with multiple configuration options appears on the right side. From this menu, depending on the selected field, you can do things like modify the font and font size, add a field name, determine whether the field is required, and more.

"Sender" signer

The "Sender" fields are pink, and these fields auto-populate information from the assigned employee's Humi account.

To change to the "Sender" profile, click on the "Signers" dropdown and select "Sender." 


Unlike the "Employee" signer, the "Sender" profile only has the "textbox" field available on the toolbar. 

Select the textbox field, then drag and drop it onto the required place on the document. To resize the field box, hover over the corner of the box until it turns into an arrow, then click and hold to resize it to fit the area.

Customize the textbox field information

When you add a field to the document, the right side menu has a few headers, including:

  • Assigned to – From the dropdown menu, you can change the person the field is for.
  • Placeholder text – You can add placeholder text on the field.
  • Formatting – You can change the font or font size.
  • What text goes here? – Select the information you want auto-populated in the field from the dropdown menu

"What text goes here?" section

This is where the magic happens. With the field selected, select the information you want populated from the dropdown menu. There are several options for choose from, as you can see here: 


The information in these fields will auto-populate with the assigned employee's information from their Humi account. This is how you can add employee-specific details to your documents without creating multiple documents. 

"Me (now)" signer

Click on the "Signers" dropdown and select "Me (now)." This signer profile has three available tools on the toolbar:

  • Date Signed: This will populate with the current date
  • Textbox: Use this field to add text directly to the document
  • Checkbox: Use this field to add a "checked-off" checkbox

How to adjust the field settings

When you add a field to the document, a menu will appear on the right side with formatting settings available for each field. You can change the font, font size, the date format etc.  

While you technically could create a document from scratch using the "textbox" field, it would be very difficult. 

You may never need to utilise the "Me (now)" sender profile if your document is properly formatted, but if you need to add content, prefill the current date, or create a "checked-off" checkbox, this is how you do it. Learn how to format your signing document. 

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