How do document "Templates" work?

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Documents requiring signatures usually include employee-specific information such as the employee's name, address, department, etc. which means you would need a separate document for each person to sign.

Using document templates can help you save time and work more efficiently. They allow you to design one document and then use the "Template Editor" to tailor it for each employee instead of creating a new document for each person. 

How do document "templates" work?

In the simplest terms, document templates work by adding fields (employee name, salary, signatures, etc.) from our "Template Editor" to your document.

When the document is assigned to an employee, these fields will auto-populate with the employee's information which is pulled directly from their Humi account.

This enables you to create one document tailored to each assigned employee. 

Learn more about the template editor in this complete guide to using the template editor.

How to create a document template 

There are four steps to complete when setting up a document template:

Step 1 – Format your document for use with the template editor.

Step 2 – Upload the document into Humi.

Step 3 – Use the "Template Editor" to add required fields (signatures, dates, names etc.) to the document.

Step 4 – Complete the template and assign it to the required employees.


1. Upload a formatted ".pdf" document to Humi. The document should have blank spaces available where you require signatures, dates, or other information available in the template editor. For more information on formatting your document, click here. 

2. After uploading the document, Humi will direct you to the "template editor." Drag and drop the required fields from the toolbar onto your document in the available blank spaces such as the "signature, name or date" fields. For more information, check out this complete guide to using the "Template Editor."  Screen_Shot_2022-03-17_at_4.00.17_PM.png

3. Once you've added all required fields, click the "Continue" button, and your document template will be added to Humi. 

4. The final step is to assign the document. Click the "Assign" button and select the employees you require from the document page.  

This is a basic description of how to create a document template; however, if you want a more detailed step-by-step tutorial, see this article that explains how to set up a "Signing" template. 

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