2022 Statutory Holidays - How to find your payroll "run-by" date

If the thought of missing your payroll deadline during stat holidays stresses you out, don't worry, you're in the right place! Keep reading to learn how to find your payroll "run-by" date so you'll never be confused or worried about running payroll late ever again. 

We've also included the "2022 Statutory Holidays Table," which displays all stat holidays across Canada and a helpful list of "Holidays by Province" for your reference.

How do holidays affect your payroll?

Since banks are closed on statutory holidays, typically, Humi will adjust your payroll "run-by" date to align with this change. Knowing your payroll "run-by" date ensures you won't miss your payroll deadline.

What's the payroll "run-by" date?

Your payroll "run-by" date is the latest date you can run your payroll so that your employees get paid on time according to your company's pay schedule. The cut-off time is always 4:30 pm EST on your "run-by" date. 

Important note

If your "pay day" date lands on a holiday, both the "pay day" date and payroll "run-by" deadline may be moved up by one business day. 

How to find your payroll "run-by" date

  1. In "Payroll," click on your current payroll, which will be the first line on the "Run Payroll" page. 
  2.  Humi will automatically direct you to the payroll page. From here, under the "Payroll - date," you'll see the payroll "run-by" date as highlighted in this screenshot:Screen_Shot_2022-03-22_at_3.31.57_PM.png

Referring to the payroll "run-by" date is the most reliable way to know precisely when you need to process payroll to ensure it's always processed on time. 

2022 Statutory Holiday Table

The table below displays all statutory holidays across Canada, and the day they're observed.


If your "payday" date lands on a holiday, both the "payday" date and payroll "run-by" deadline may be moved up by one business day.

For example, if your "payday" date is scheduled for Good Friday, Humi will move up your payroll "run-by" date by one business day, and your "payday" date will be changed to the day before Good Friday (Thursday) instead. 

Refer to your payroll "run-by" date as explained in the section above to know when to process payroll to ensure you pay your employees on time. 

Holiday 2022 Day Observed Region Observed
New Year's Day Sat. January 1 January 3 Nationwide
Islander Day Mon. February 21 3rd Monday in Feb PE
Family Day Mon. February 21 3rd Monday in Feb AB, BC1, MB, NB, ON, SK
Heritage Day Mon. February 21
(Feb. 25 in YK)
3rd Monday in Feb
(third Friday in Feb. in YK)
Louis Riel Day  Mon. February 21 3rd Monday in Feb MB
St. Patrick's Day  Thu., March 17 March 17 NL
Good Friday Fri., April 15 The Friday before Easter Sunday Nationwide
St. George's Day   Mon, April 25 Monday closest to April 23 NL
Victoria Day
(National Patriots Day in QC)
Mon, May 23 The Monday preceding May 25th Nationwide, except NB, NL, NS, PE
National Aboriginal Day Tue., June 21 June 21 NT
Discovery Day (NL) Fri., June 24 Nearest Monday to June 24 NL
Canada Day (Memorial Day in NL) Fri., July 1 July 1 Nationwide
Nunavut Day Sat., July 9 July 9 NU
Civic Holiday Mon., August 1 First Monday in Aug AB, BC, NB, NU, ON, SK
Discovery Day  Mon., August 15 Third Monday in Aug YK
Labour Day Mon., September 5 First Monday in Sept Nationwide
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Fri., September 30 September 30 Nationwide
Thanksgiving Day Mon., October 10 Second Monday in Oct Nationwide, except NB, NL, NS, PE
Remembrance Day Fri., November 11 November 11 Nationwide, except NL, NS4, ON
Christmas Day Sun., December 25 December 25 Nationwide
Boxing Day Mon., December 26 December 26 ON


Additional resources:

Click here for a list of Federal holidays across Canada.

Holidays by Province: 

Use the links below to find the statutory holidays for your province.

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