Understanding the "All Tasks" page

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After you've created your task templates and assigned them to employees, you'll see them displayed on the "All Tasks" page. 

In "People," click the "Tasks" tab and select "All Tasks" from the dropdown menu.

You can see a quick snapshot of all assigned tasks sorted by the due date on this page. By default, all "Incomplete or Overdue" tasks are displayed at the top of the page, and all "Completed" tasks are shown afterwards.All-tasks-page.png

This article will explain:

Column information 

Task Name: the name given to the "Task Template" 

To be completed by: shows the person to whom the "task" is assigned. You can assign up to five people to complete a "task." This feature allows you to create "shared tasks" where applicable. 

For example, if anyone in the IT department can "create a key card," you can assign this task to five members of the IT department. This way, the team can share the task, and ideally, it'll get completed sooner. 

Created for: shows the employee the task is required for. 

Created for = subject of the task

To be completed by = assignee of the task



The person the task is "Created for" won't see the tasks - only the person it's "to be completed by" will be able to see the task in Humi.

Subtasks: the number of subtasks assigned and completed. You can quickly gauge how much of the task has been completed at a glance.

Due Date: the date the "task" must be completed by. This date will determine when automatic "reminder emails" will be sent to the assignee depending on the "Task Type."

Task Status: shows whether the task is "Incomplete, Overdue or Completed."

How to sort and filter the "All Tasks" page

You can sort the "All Tasks" page by clicking on the "Created for" column name. An arrow will indicate if the list is sorted in ascending or descending order.

You can filter the list by the "Due Date" or "Task Status" by clicking on the funnel icon and selecting your parameters. filter.png


If there's a specific task you're looking for, you can quickly find it using the search bar. For example, you can search by the task "Name," the "Created for" employee, or the "To be completed by" employee.

Adjust a task

From this page, you can quickly "Remind, View Template, Edit or Delete" the task by clicking the three dots at the right of the "task" and selecting the required option from the dropdown menu. remind.png


If you select "Edit or Delete" from this "All Tasks" page, changes made will only affect this task for that specific employee – not the entire "Task Template."
Learn more about how to "Edit or delete a task" or "Task Template."

"Task Template" and "Task Log"

When you click on the three dots and select "View Template," you'll be directed to the "Task Template" page.  


The "Task Log" shows all instances of this task so you can quickly see all assignees and their task status. 


You can filter the "Task Log" with the same methods we described for the "All Tasks" page

This "Task Log" table functions exactly as the "All Tasks" page, except it's filtered to only include tasks created from this template. By default, it's sorted and filtered by the earliest due date at the top, and all  "completed tasks" are hidden.

If you click the three dots on the top right corner, the dropdown menu will display options to "Remind all incomplete, Edit or Delete."


To trigger a "Reminder" for all assignees, click the "Remind all incomplete" button.

If you want to "Edit or Delete the Task Template," you can do so here. 

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