How to set up a "Backup Approver" 

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Have you ever received a time-off request but you weren't actually the correct person to approve the request? We know this has been an issue for some of our users, so we've got some good news for you!

You can now set up a "Backup Approver" to avoid any confusion and prevent all admins from getting the time off request when a designated approver is unavailable. 

This article will explain how to set up a backup approver and what to do if you are the backup approver. 

When an employee requests time off, the request is sent through an approval flow. Within the approval flow, you’ve already chosen a designated approver (the person(s) to approve/deny this time off request). In most cases, the designated approver is the employee’s direct manager. 

Manage issues in the approval flow

The "Backup Approver" feature comes in handy when the designated approver isn't properly set up and can't receive or manage time off requests. It also signals that there's a problem in the approval flow.

If you receive this email, there are a few things you should do to ensure that the correct designated approver is set up so that these requests are sent to the correct person to approve in the future.

Some scenarios when this could happen are: 

  • If a time-off request is made and the approver is in an "Onboarding" status
  • If a time-off request is made and the approver is in a "Terminated" status
  • If a time-off request is made and there is no one set up to approve it

Click here to learn how to manage the above issues in the approval flow. 

How to set up and assign a "Backup Approver"Choose-Backup.gif

    1. In "Time Off," click on the "Settings" tab.
    2. In the first section, "Overall Settings," use the dropdown menu on the third field to select the backup approver. The dropdown will be populated with all active admins.


If you don’t set up a backup approver, the default will stay as "All Active Admins." This means if a time-off request is made when there is no active designated approver on Humi, all admins will receive the time-off request. 

You can set up a backup approver at any time. It’s not mandatory, but very convenient to have just in case. 

What to do if you’re the "Backup Approver"

If you’re the lucky one who was chosen as the backup approver, then you’ll receive an email notification that looks like this when someone makes a time off request:


This email briefly explains that you’re receiving this request because you were chosen as the backup approver, so you can approve/deny the time-off request. Learn more about how to approve or deny a "Time Off" request.

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