Managing Your Reviews - Admin Guide

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Once a review is created, you will be able to manage it through the reviews directory. Refer to the information below for instructions on what you can do to make managing reviews easier.


Search/Filter/Sort Reviews

The directory for reviews within the Performance module is sorted by creation date by default. When you create a new review it will appear at the top of the list.

The search bar on the left side of the screen can be used to find a review by entering the title of the review or the reviewee. You can also filter the reviews by status (overdue, in progress, completed, scheduled) by clicking on the icon next to the word “Status”.

By clicking on the column titles (Reviewee, Title, Due Date), you can sort the reviews in ascending or descending order according to the details of the column you clicked on.

View a Review

When opening the details page of a review, you can see the details, participants, and creator of the review. When a review has been completed, you can also view the results of the review by clicking the button labelled “View Results” on the details page.

The visibility of the reviews can be customized upon the creation of the review or for existing reviews. By default, review responses can be seen by the reviewee's manager and admins. You also have the option to toggle whether or not the subject or other participants should have access to view completed reviews.


Edit Review

You can edit a review that is in any status (overdue, in progress, completed, scheduled). When you edit a review, the details are automatically updated within the system and you will be able to view them on the details page of the review.

There are five fields that can be edited when viewing a review:

  • Title
  • Reviewee
  • Frequency
  • Schedule
  • Review Period

For more information regarding each of these inputs, click here. (link to create a review article)

You can edit any of these fields at any time, no matter what the status of the review is.

Remind Participants (if not complete)

You can remind participants to complete a review (This button is unavailable if the review is already completed). If a review is overdue, you are still able to remind participants to complete it even though it is outside of the review schedule.

View Results (if complete)

Viewing the results of a review is only possible if all participants have completed it. Admins, the subject's manager, and the creator of the review always have access to review contents. The subject and other participants may also have access depending on how the review was set up.

When viewing the results, you are also able to see goals and feedback that were created during the review period. This helps give an overall picture of the employee’s performance in that timeframe.

Edit Participants

You can edit the participants of a review that have the following status: overdue, in progress, or, scheduled. You can't edit the participants of a completed review. Only admins, the creator of the review, or employees that have a custom role that has access to managing reviews can edit participants. In order to add an employee to a review, you must click on their name within the left box. This will bring them into the right box, next, click on "Assign".

Delete Review

The only people with access to delete reviews are admins, the original creator of the review and any employees with a custom role that has access to manage reviews.

Once you delete a review, it will disappear from the directory immediately. It's important to note that there is no way to restore a deleted review.

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