Step 3: Manage and submit T619

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After finalizing your T4s, you'll need to download the "T619 and T4s" from Humi then upload the "T619" file onto the CRA's online portal, Internet File Transfer Option.

If you haven't already done so, we recommend reviewing Step 1: Generate Employee T4s and Step 2: Review Employee T4s before this one.

How to submit your T619

1. Select the "Download T619 & T4s" option.

This download will provide you with each employee's T4 in PDF format. You can issue these to your employees manually or store them as a backup.

You'll also receive the T619 XML file which you'll need to submit through the CRA's "File Transfer Option." 

2. Click on the "Internet File Transfer Option" link at top of your screen, and you'll be directed to the CRA's website.

Learn more about submitting T619 in our Year-End guide.

Important note

The T619 is downloaded as an "XML" file because this is the required format to upload it onto the CRA's website.
You may have trouble opening this file on your computer to view its contents. If you'd like to view its contents, you can do so on the "T4 Summary" in Humi.

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