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Using folders and tags, you can easily manage your documents in Humi. However, if you want to view a document you've added, this article will show you how:

  • View a "view-only" document
  • View a "Signing or Offer Letter" template document

View a "view-only" document

1. In "Documents," you can quickly find the document you need using the search bar, tags, or in its respective folder.

2. Click on the document, and Humi will direct you to the document page. Under the "Doc Preview" tab, you'll see the "view-only" document you've added. 

Doc Preview

If the document has multiple pages, use the arrows at the top to toggle through additional pages. Screen_Shot_2022-04-11_at_11.10.01_AM.png

You may want to make changes to your document after viewing it. If that's the case, learn how to edit or rename your document here.

"Signing or Offer Letter" Templates

Unfortunately, any custom annotation fields (i.e., signatures, textboxes, dates etc.) that you've added to the document will not be displayed in the "Doc Preview."


To view the annotation fields on the document, select the "Template Editor" button in the top right corner of the page.

When you're in the template editor, you'll see all annotations and can confirm they're correct or make changes as needed. 


Once you're done, click the "Continue" button to save your changes. 

View Document Details

If you want to know who uploaded the document, the date it was uploaded or when it was last modified, you can get this information from the "Documents details" page.


From the document page, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select "Document details" from the dropdown menu, and a pop-up will display this information.  

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