Add documents directly to an employee profile

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In the "Documents" module, you can add and bulk-assign general documents to several employees.

However, if there's an employee-specific document, like a disciplinary warning, you can add this document directly to their employee profile and set up the viewing permissions so that only their direct manager and admins can see it. 


You can only add "View-Only" documents to an employee's profile. If you require the employee's signature, you must use a "Signing Template" instead. Learn how to add a signing template.

How to add a document to an employee profile


People > Select employee > "Documents" tab > Click "+ Documents" button > Upload document > Select the "Roles" who will have access to view the document > Upload

  1. In "People," use the search bar or scroll to find the employee you need, then click on their name to be taken to their employee profile. 
  2. Click on the "Documents" tab. 
  3. Click the "+ Document" button, then select the document you want to assign or add to the employee's profile.
  4. If needed, you can rename the document in the "Document Name" field.
  5. In the "Roles" field, select the employees who can view this document on the employee's profile. You can select multiple roles in this field as required.

    Important note

    Selecting the roles who will be able to view the document is especially useful if you want the document to appear on the employee's profile but do not want the employee to be able to see it.

    If you select "Manager," only the manager that the employee "reports to" can view this document. If you choose "Employee" in this field, the employee will also be able to view the document added.

    The employee will be able to view the document if no roles are selected or if this field is left blank.

  6. Click the "Upload" button, and the document will be added to the employee's profile. 
  7. You can only upload one document at a time. If you need to add another document, click the "Upload more documents" link in the bottom right corner. Screen_Shot_2022-03-10_at_1.33.15_PM.png

Important Note

If you upload a Document to your own profile, you will not be able to set the "Roles" who have access to the file. By default, self-uploaded documents will be visible to any other employees with access to your profile documents. To set the applicable roles, a separate admin or manager will need to edit the document's permission settings.

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