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Adding "View-Only" documents to the "Shared Documents" drive is a great way to provide essential documents for employees to reference at any time.

Tip: In cases when you want to ensure employees have reviewed the documents but don't need their signatures, you can assign "View-Only" documents for your team to acknowledge.

Some examples of "View-Only" documents you could include are:  

  • Health and Safety Policies (Assign for acknowledgement)
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Policies (Assign for acknowledgement)
  • Office Layout (Add to shared document folder)
  • Covid Policies (Add to shared document folder)
  • General "How-To" documents (Add to shared document folder)

This article will explain how to add "View-Only" documents in Humi.

If you have a document that requires employee signatures, you should use a signing template instead. Learn about setting up "Signing" templates

Add a "View-Only" document


Documents> Select folder or drive > Click "+ Add Document" > Select "View-Only document" > Upload the ".pdf" document from your computer > Edit document name and add tags as needed > Click "Upload"

1. In "Documents," click on the storage drive you want the document to be in (Private or Shared), then select the folder where you want to add the new document.
Note: If no folder is selected, Humi will add the document to the general storage drive (Private or Shared) by default.

To keep your documents organized, we recommend using folders and document tags. 

2. Once you're in the folder you want to add the document to, click the "+ Add Document" button on the top right corner. 


  • If you accidentally add a document to the wrong folder, you can drag and drop it into the correct folder afterwards. 
  • If you move a document from a private folder to the Shared Documents drive, you'll get a warning like this to let you know it will become visible to everyone: Screen_Shot_2022-04-28_at_2.08.22_PM.png

4. Select the "View Only Document" button. 

5. Select the document you want to upload.

Reminder: All documents must be formatted as ".pdf" files. 

6. In the "Document Name" field, you can edit the name if needed. 

7. Tags can make it easier to find specific documents when using the search bar and are entirely optional but encouraged. Learn more about document tags. 

In the "Tags" field, you can select an existing tag. If an appropriate tag doesn't exist, you can easily add a new tag by typing it in the field and clicking the "enter/return" button on your keyboard. The new tag will be automatically created.  Screen_Shot_2022-03-16_at_3.10.52_PM.png

8. Click the "Upload" button. Note: You can upload more than one document at a time, but once you click the upload button, you can't add any more. If you need to add more, click the "Upload more documents" link next to the "upload" button.Screen_Shot_2022-03-16_at_3.12.38_PM.png

Your view-only document is now in the folder you selected, and you can assign it to employees for "acknowledgement" as required. 

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