Benefits Conversion

When an employee is terminated from a company, they have the opportunity to convert some or all of their coverage to an individual policy as they will no longer have access to the group benefits coverage. 

As a plan administrator, it is your responsibility to notify terminated employees of their conversion options. 

What is a Benefits Conversion Email in Humi?

Note: This feature is for managed benefit clients only and will only appear for employees enrolled in a benefit plan the 'Benefits' Module

When terminating an employee that has been enrolled in a benefit plan, on the first step of the termination flow, you will be prompted to provide an email address that the employee will have access to after their last day of work. If there is not a suitable email available in the ‘Employee Email’ drop down, you can add the offboarding employee’s personal email address by clicking ‘Add new email address’.

Note: Emails in the ‘Employee’s Email’ drop down are all the emails stored on the employee's profile ‘Account’ tab. 



Once the termination flow has been completed, on their ‘Last Day of Work’ the terminated employee will receive an email with a link that will allow them to convert some or all of their coverage to an individual policy. If their last day of work predates the termination flow, the email will be sent upon completion.  

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