Hiring – How to Add a New Employee to Humi

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After a successful recruiting effort, you've found the best candidate for the position, and you can now "hire" the employee to add them to Humi. This article will walk you through how to add a new employee to Humi and explain the information required for each section. 

How to Add a New Employee to Humi

To get started, head to People and click on the + Employee button in the top right corner. In the pop-up, select Hire Employee. There are four steps to complete when adding a new employee. We'll go over each one below.



Employee Information

On the first page, Information, enter the employee's account information, compensation, and the employee role. All fields with an asterisk are required fields and must be completed to move on to the next step.


Humi Payroll Settings

  • If you do have Humi Payroll and you'd like to add the new employee, turn on this switch to activate it, and the new employee's information will automatically sync with Humi Payroll.
  • If you have Humi Payroll and you would not like to add the new employee, leave this switch turned off.


Once you've completed all of the required fields, click Next to continue to the next step.


Choosing to Collect an Employee’s SIN

To help make Humi accessible for employees everywhere, you can choose whether you'd like to collect an employee's Social Insurance Number (SIN). If turned on, the employee will be required to enter their SIN during onboarding to complete the process. This setting is handy for hiring someone who is working as a contractor or an independent consultant or if you're hiring someone from outside of Canada.

Learn how to turn off employee SIN collection by following the steps below:

If you don't have Humi Payroll: If you do have Humi Payroll:


  1. In People, under the Directory tab, click the + Employee button in the top right
  2. In the first step of the hiring process, scroll down to the Employee SIN section and make sure the switch is turned off and showing as the colour grey


Onboarding Documents

If you have documents that require the new employee's signature or acknowledgement, you can add these documents here. For example, you can include the employee handbook or health and safety policies. 


You can't upload new documents. They should already be in your "Documents Directory" to be selected here. 

The employee must sign or acknowledge any documents added here before they can complete onboarding and become active within Humi.

You can also preview and edit documents that you've added if you want to verify or adjust them as needed.

Note: Any edits made here will not affect the original template and are only one-time edits for the specific employee.




Use the + Add button to add existing items to any category.

Custom Fields – If you have custom fields that you would like to add to the employee's profile, such as a parking spot number or t-shirt size, you can add all relevant custom fields here. Learn more about custom fields.

Onboarding Tasks – Add onboarding tasks for your employee, manager or other colleagues to complete for a successful onboarding experience. Learn more about onboarding tasks. 

Reminders – Select onboarding reminders that this hire should trigger.

Time Off Work Schedule – Choose the work schedule to which this new employee should be assigned. The work schedule will define things such as weekends and holidays. Learn more about creating and assigning "Work Schedules."

Time Off Policies – Add the time off policies relevant to this new hire. You can specify a starting balance or leave it at zero, which is most commonly used. Learn more about Time Off "Policies." 

Roles and Permissions – All employees will have the "employee" role by default; however, you can add it here if the new hire needs a manager or a custom role. Learn more about roles and permissions.

Training Programs – Add training programs the new hire is required to complete. Learn more about "Training." 

Benefit Plan – Add your benefits plan for the employee. Learn more about "Benefits." 

If you need to make changes to any of the items added here, you can do so from the new employee's profile after it's been created.




This is the final step to adding a new employee to Humi. Review the information you've entered and choose if you want to send a hiring questionnaire. You can also edit the Welcome Message if you'd like to customize it for the new hire.

If you haven't set up any hiring questions, you'll need to set them up first. Learn more about Onboarding Settings.

If you send the hiring questionnaire, the employee will receive the questions during their Onboarding. By default, Humi sends a welcome email to your company letting them know a new employee has joined and will include their answers to the hiring questionnaire. We highly recommend adding fun questions that will act as an icebreaker.

Employees must answer to complete Onboarding

If you set up new hire questions, Onboarding employees must enter responses to the questions to move to the next Onboarding step.


When you've completed the review, click the Complete button.

Once completed, Humi will send an invitation email to the new hire's email address you entered in Step 1: Information. 

The invitation email will contain a "token link," which will direct them to create their Humi password, sign in to Humi using their username (email address) and password, and start Onboarding.


You've successfully added a new employee to Humi! If the employee hasn't started their Onboarding or lost the invitation, click here to learn how to resend the Onboarding Invitation.


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