Employee Profile - "Documents" tab

Consider the "Documents" tab on the employee profile as your digital file folder, storing all documents relevant to this employee. Documents assigned to the employee will automatically be saved here, and you can also upload employee-related documents in this tab.

Adding documents to the employee profile

If you add documents directly to an employee's profile here, you can specify who will have access to view this document on the employee's profile. This is particularly useful if you want the document to be on the employee's profile, but you don't want the employee to be able to see the document.
Learn how to add documents directly to an employee profile. 

Managing documents in the "Documents" tab

Finding documents

You can quickly locate specific employee documents by entering the document name into the search bar or sorting the documents table. To sort the table, click on any of the column titles (Name, created, status), and the table will be rearranged alphabetically, chronologically, or by group by status.

Uploading documents in bulk

If you're uploading multiple documents of the same type, such as old pay stubs or performance reviews, we recommend naming the files using a group hierarchy, such as "Paystub - John Smith - 06/21/2022," which will make searching for them much easier when using the search bar or the "Name" filter.

Download or delete a document


To download or delete a document, click the three dots on the document line and select the option from the dropdown menu. 

View a document

Click anywhere on a document's row to open and view it. On the document page, you can delete or download the document by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner.


Signed Documents

If there are signed documents on file, an extra page will be added to the document. This page serves as an audit trail, indicating who sent the document and when it was sent, viewed, signed, and completed.


Important note

Humi currently only supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF documents therefore, if you have a Microsoft Word document (.docx format), you must first save it in one of these formats before you can upload it to Humi.

To keep learning more about the different tabs on the employee profile, use the links below. 
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