What happens if I miss the Payroll "run-by" deadline?

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Sometimes work can get busy and overwhelming, and usually, it's during these times that it's easy to miss important things like running payroll. Don't panic, it happens – you're not alone!

If you missed the deadline to run Payroll deadline – do not process your payroll. Instead, reach out to support@humi.ca immediately because we may be able to extend your payroll deadline.


To extend your Payroll deadline there is a service charge.

If you missed the deadline and we aren't able to extend it for you, unfortunately, you won't be able to pay your employees through direct deposit. Instead, you'll need to manually cut cheques to pay your employees.

Note: When you've missed the payroll "run-by" deadline, the system will automatically change from "direct deposit" to pay by "cheque." 

Where to view your Payroll deadline in Humi

The deadline to run payroll is typically four business days prior to payday (some companies may have a 3-day processing window) – before 4:30 pm EST. You can always check the exact date by going to "Payroll" and viewing the "State" of the payroll.

If you are late, the "State" will have a red "Late" label.



If you missed the Payroll deadline, you'll still be able to pay out any reimbursements and Humi will remit your source deductions after you "Complete & Pay."

Humi will only be able to remit the source deductions if the late payroll is prior to your remittance schedule.

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