How to create a "Reminder"

If you need to complete tasks in Humi or any task in general, you can use our reminders feature to create reminders for them. 

This article will explain how to create reminders in the Humi app. 

1. In "Profile," click on the "Reminders" tab, then click the "Create new reminder" button on the top right corner. Screenshot_2022-12-13_at_11.16.41_AM.png


2. In the "Add Reminder" pop-up, complete each field.

  • In the "Subject" field, provide a brief description of the reminder.
  • If this task happens more than once, you can set it up to automatically repeat so you don't have to create a new reminder each time. In the "Repeat" field, select the frequency from the dropdown options.
  • In the "Remind On" field, click on the calendar icon to select the date you want the reminder to be sent
  • In the "At" field, you can set the time by typing it in.
  • Enter the description in the "Reminder" field, then click "Save."

3. The reminder you created will be displayed under the "Reminders" tab. Screenshot_2022-12-13_at_11.37.07_AM.png

That's it, you're ready to start using the reminders feature! Keep learning how to use Humi with the links below. 

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