New! Shift Summary Report

A new report has been added to your Intel Reports section! The Shift Summary report will summarize all the actual shift data for any date range and display the details of each shift as well. 

Check it out by navigating to the Intel tab and then selecting ‘Shift Summary’ from the reports list.EN_Shift_Summary_Report.png

You can set this report to any date range you wish, but the default setting will be the current date. You can also filter the report to only show a certain department group or department.

The report begins with a 'Totals' section which displays a summary for each department for the date range selected. The data includes total paid hours, regular hours and overtime hours, as well as the total shift costs. The 'Shifts' section of the report will display the details of each shift and break for the date range selected. We will display the following data in the 'Shifts' section:

  • Employee Name
  • Department
  • Shift Type (Shift or Break)
  • Wage
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Regular Hours
  • Overtime Hours
  • Cost

The data displayed in the shift section can also be filtered by a keyword to help you find the shift(s) you need to see quickly. You can also sort the data by using the column filters. 

Here is a quick demonstration to show you how to use these filters: EN_Shift_Summary_demo.gif

Ameego’s Time & Attendance

The data used for this report will be exactly as it is seen in Ameegos Time & Attendance page. It is important to keep this section up to date before running this report. Depending on your Ameego configuration, you can use the applicable link or notes below to learn more about Time & Attendance.

  • Syncing Time & Attendance from the POS: If we are syncing the actual labour from your POS into Ameego’s Time & Attendance, you cannot edit the shifts in Ameego. Changes to the actual shifts must be done in the POS. Each morning Ameego’s sync utility will resync the past 7 days of actual labour to ensure that your changes are captured in Ameego’s Time & Attendance. Please be sure to contact our support team if you are experiencing any problems with your Ameego sync utility. 
  • Time & Attendance is manually added in Ameego
  • Time & Attendance via Ameego’s Time Clock


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