NEW! One Touch Scheduling Process

Good News. Now you'll save you even more time on the scheduling process!

This brand new method of scheduling will help you create schedules quickly and efficiently. The new One Touch will automatically create a 3 week average forecast, build your daily floor plans and create your staff schedule with the click of just one button!

In order to use the new One Touch scheduling process, follow the 3 steps below to get started. 

Step 1 - Review your Base Floor Plans

You will be required to assign a base floor plan to each day of the week in the new department group settings. It would be prudent to review your base floor plans at this time to ensure the accuracy of scheduling. If you would like a refresher on understanding and managing base floor plans, click HERE to read our knowledge base document on the subject.

Step 2 - Department Group Settings

You will see some settings here that were available on the main schedule page (and still are). We have moved them into the department group settings page to keep them in a centralized location. These settings will carry over to each scheduling week and do not need to redone each week. You can of course make any adjustments if required along the way.

Note: Assigning a base floor plan to each day of the week is a primary requirement that will enable the enhanced One Touch Scheduling. You must assign the appropriate base floor plan to each day of the week in the Department Group settings.

Follow the steps below to setup your department group(s). 

  1. Navigate to the ‘People’ tab, then click the ‘Employee Manager’ sub tab.
  2. Click the ‘Manage’ button at the top of the list of departments.
  3. Click the ‘Edit’ button within a department group. 
  4. Sales Metric: The metric applied here will be used to calculate the projected and actual labour cost for this department group. Leaving this setting on ‘None’ will apply the default sales metric from your settings page (Net or Gross). 
  5. Auto Publish Schedule: As mentioned before, One Touch will build your schedule for you automatically. If you wish to hold off on publishing until you have reviewed the schedule, then leave this setting at ‘OFF’ (default setting). Select ON if you wish to auto publish the schedule without reviewing. 
  6. Default Wage Multiplier: You can use this setting to account for some employee overhead costs by adding a multiplier to all of your hourly wages.  ie - 1.04 will add 4% to all wages and apply to your projected labour. The default setting is 1.00.
  7. Default Fixed Labour: This is where you can enter a weekly fixed labour cost for the department group to accommodate salaries. This weekly amount entered here will be included in the actual and projected labour costs throughout Ameego. 
  8. Default Labour Percent Goal: New! You can now add a labour cost percentage goal to a department group. If you add this, Ameego will show you comparisons to this goal throughout the scheduling pages. This is an optional setting. 
  9. Default Floorplans: Add a base floor plan to each day of the week. As mentioned above, this is a required setting to enable the enhancement of One Touch Scheduling.
  10. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button to save all settings..

Here is a quick demonstration of the steps described above: Department_Group_Settings.gif

Step 3 - One Touch Scheduling

If you have done the setup described above, you will see a new layout when you begin a new scheduling week. Simply click the blue ‘One Touch’ button to begin and Ameego will automatically do the following 3 tasks for you. 

  1. Create a 3 week average sales forecast
  2. Import your base floor plans for each day of the week for all department groups
  3. Run One Touch for all department groups

If you wish to schedule with the old method (performing each step separately), then click the ‘Calculate Forecast’ link. Watch this demonstration below to see how easy it is. One_Touch_Scheduling_2.gif

All you need to do now is to review the schedule and make any changes if required. Then go ahead and publish your departments and you're done!

New department group layout

You will notice that there is a new layout for the department groups on the main schedule page. This contains the same information as the previous format, as well as some comparisons to your labour percentage goal. Please note that we are using your department default wages to calculate the theoretical labour on the Floor Plan section. 

Here is a quick look at the new format on the schedule summary page: new_department_group_layout.png

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