Section 1 - Sharing locations

Sharing locations

The first step to sharing your employees with other locations is to share the stores. Follow the steps below to share your location with another.

1. Navigate to People, then click ‘Sharing Hub’ on the submenu.

2. Click the ‘Connect new store’ button.

3. Please choose one of the two options below to connect your stores.

  • Copy and paste your store's token in an email and send it to another store to input. The other store will input your store's token in the second section in the screenshot below labeled ‘Connect with another store’. 
  • If you have acquired a token from another store, copy and paste the token in the section labeled ‘Connect with another store’. 

4. Click ‘Connect Location’ to link the locations. You will see a message confirming that your stores are successfully connected. 

5. Click ‘Continue to Sharing Hub’.



Location settings

The next step is to edit the settings for your shared stores. In the example below, we are currently logged into a home store named “Ameego Demo 3” to demonstrate these settings. This store is connected with 2 other shared stores named “Ameego Demo 1” and “Ameego Demo 2”. 

Follow these steps below to input your location settings for each shared store.

1. Navigate to People, then click ‘Sharing Hub’ on the sub menu.

2. Click the setting wheel to the right of a shared store name to access the store settings. Below is a description of the settings and their functions.

Short name - By default, we will use the first 15 characters of the location's name in Ameego. If you choose to edit the store name - using Short name - the new name will be used in employee sharing functions at all shared locations. 

Location banner colour - Color is simply used for esthetics and is only viewed on the left edge of the store name in the 'Connected Stores' table.

Allow shift assignment before publishing schedule - Enabling this setting will allow this location permission to schedule any shared employees at their location prior to a schedule being published at their home store. 

3. Click ‘Save Changes’ once you have completed your settings for your shared store. 



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