How to use Ameego Anyware

Ameego Anyware is the employee side of Ameego where you can view your schedule, submit requests to your management team and update your profile information. This guide will take you through your first login and describe how to use each section of Ameego Anyware. Let's get started!

Logging into Ameego for the first time

Before logging into Ameego for the first time, be sure to get your login credentials from your manager. You will need to know your username (usually your first name + last name initial), password (ameego) and your location's client ID

The first time you login to Ameego, you must do so via a web browser. You will be required to update the following information upon logging in.

  • Reset your password
  • Create a Pin number (only required if your location is using Ameego's Time Clock)
  • Accept the Ameego terms of service
  • Update your profile if any required information is missing

Click this link to login to Ameego -

Here is a quick demonstration of a first time login on a desktop web browser:


Once you have logged into Ameego you can continue to use the desktop version or download the free Ameego Anyware app available from Apple or Android app stores.

You will find descriptions of all the sections available in Ameego Anyware below.


The following options are available in this section:

  • View your upcoming shifts
  • View today's weather & events
  • View all the recent notifications sent to you


The following options are available in this section:

  • View all the published shifts in Ameego for the current week
  • View previous and next week's schedules 


The following options are available in this section:

  • Create a new book off request
  • View the status of your existing book off requests

Book off requests can be made for single or multiple days in Ameego. When you create a book off request, your management team can 'approve' or 'deny' the request. This reply will be sent to you as a notification via email or the apps push notifications.

Shift Shop

The following options are available in this section:

  • Drop a shift that is assigned to you
  • View shifts that are available to be picked up (dropped shifts from other employees)
  • View a manager's response to your 'shifts drop' requests

If you choose to 'drop a shift', a notification to all the staff that also belong to the same department of the dropped shift. If anyone chooses to 'pick up' the shift, a notification will be sent to your managers and they will 'approve' or 'deny' the pick up. You and the person who chose to pick up the shift will be sent a notification of this.

Please note: You are still responsible for a dropped shift until you receive an approval from your management team. 


The following options are available in this section:

  • Create a new message to management or staff members
  • View past messages & replies

Please note: Your management team has the ability to limit the activity in Ameego's Inbox. If set to limited, regular employees will only be able to send messages to users with ‘Manager’ or ‘Supervisor’ permissions levels. 


By default, the contact page will display a list of all the managers and employees by department, along with their phone number and email address. Any user has the ability to remove their contact information from this view. To do this, go to 'My Profile' and turn on 'Hide Contact Details'.

Please note: Your managers have the ability to remove the contact page for your location. 

My Availability

This is where you can view your current availability profile and send a new availability request to your managers. You will receive a notification from your managers once they have approved the new availability.

Follow these steps to create a new availability request:

  1. Select 'My Availability' from the drop down menu in Ameego Anyware
  2. Click the 'New Availability' button
  3. Choose a 'Valid From' date
  4. Choose the desired number of shifts per week
  5. Select the days of the week that you are available
  6. Adjust the times you are available for each day of the week 
    • You can enter 2 separate times of availability for each day of the week if desired 

My Profile

The following options are available in this section:

  • View and update all your profile information
  • Change your password
  • Change your pin (only applicable if Ameego Time Clock is enabled)

My Notifications

This is where you can choose to turn notifications on or off for certain actions in Ameego. 

Please note: If you use the Ameego Anyware app, you will only receive notifications through the apps push notifications. If you have never logged into the app, you will receive your notifications via email and the dashboard display.

Link to Ameego Manager

If you have a permission level of ‘Supervisor’ or ‘Manager’ you will have the ‘Ameego Manager’ link in the drop down menu. You can use this option to switch over to Ameego Manager to perform management functions.


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