New! Labour Summary Report

We have added a new ‘Labour Summary’ report to the Intel reports section!

Navigate to the Intel, then select the ‘Labour Summary’ report from the reports section to take a look!



You can set this report to any date range you wish, but the default setting will be the current month to date. 

The report will begin with the ‘Store Totals’ section, and follows with a section for each of your active department groups. Each section will display the following data for the date range selected: 

  • Totals
    • Sales: Your primary sales metric (net or gross) or *alternative sales metric if set in a department group
    • SPMH: Sales per man hour (sales / labour hours)
    • Labour %: Total labour percent calculation

*Alternative Sales Metric: If you have set a sales metric other than your primary metric (net or gross) in a department group setting, then that metric will be displayed and used in the applicable department groups section(s). 

  • Labour Cost 
    • Total cost
    • Regular hours cost
    • Overtime hours cost
    • Stat hours cost
    • Fixed labour cost
  • Labour Hours 
    • Regular hours
    • Overtime hours
    • Stat hours

Each section of the report will calculate the data described above in the following rows: 

  • Actual: Actual sales or labour 
  • Projected: Sales forecast or projected labour (scheduled)
  • Difference: The variance between the actual and projected data
  • Last Year: Last year's actual sales or labour
  • AM Actual: AM actual sales or labour (from open to your PM time setting)
  • AM Projected: AM sales forecast or projected labour (scheduled)
  • AM Difference: The variance between the AM actual and projected data
  • PM Actual: PM actual sales or labour (from your PM time setting to close)
  • PM Projected: PM sales forecast or projected labour (scheduled)
  • PM Difference: The variance between PM actual and projected data

You can also take a deeper dive and display the same data for each department within a department group! Click on the ‘View Departments’ link located at the bottom of each department group section. To return to the summary view, click on ‘Close Departments’.

Here is a quick demonstration of the department breakdown feature: 


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