Ameego Instant Pay

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Ameego Instant Pay is a free, on-demand pay solution. Instead of waiting for your paycheque every two weeks, you can now cash out up to 50% of your daily pay at the end of each workday.

This way, you can pay your expenses on time without predatory loans, fee-incurring overdrafts, and the likes.

How it works

  • Sign up for Ameego Instant Pay. Log into your Ameego app to sign up.
  • Once you verify your account, link your primary bank account to your new KOHO account.
  • From your first paycheque deposit onward, you’ll be able to cash out up to 30% of your daily pay at the end of each workday. (NOTE: 50% of daily pay is available if you switch you direct deposit to your new KOHO account).
  • KOHO will recover early distributed funds on the next payday.

Questions ?

What is KOHO?

KOHO is a no-fee spending and savings account that offers a smarter alternative to banking. Equipped with a mobile app and reloadable prepaid Visa card, you’ll be able to budget, save, and spend like a pro.

Is Instant Pay completely free? 

You can access your wages on the next business day for free. For instant access, there is a small $3.50 fee to receive your advance instantly. 

Is there interest on the pay claimed through Instant Pay?

Nope, we will never charge you interest because you’re cashing out the pay you’ve already earned.

Is my pay secure with KOHO?

Yes, yes, and yes. KOHO is partnered with Peoples Trust, a federally regulated and CDIC-insured bank to hold any funds you load onto your KOHO account. In short, your money is very safe with us.

Is there French support? 

Yes! KOHO is offered in both English and French across Canada. Oui! KOHO est offert en anglais et en français partout au Canada.

Does this impact my credit score? 

Nope. Opening a KOHO account or accessing Ameego Instant Pay will not affect your credit score. However, as a financial services company, we are required to verify your identity and confirm that you have Canadian credit file.

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