Restarting the Ameego sync on your POS computer

The Ameego POS sync is a program that runs on your back office POS computer and brings your actual sales, labour and new employee data into your Ameego platform. 

If you have noticed that any of this information is missing, then the first course of action is to stop and restart the Ameego application on the computer that it is installed on. 

Follow the steps below to re-establish this connection. If you have not synced the missing information into your Ameego platform after 2 hours of performing these steps then please contact our support team ( to investigate the problem for you.

1. From the POS computer that the Ameego sync runs on, launch 'Task Manager' using either of the methods below.

a. Right click on the task bar and choose 'Task Manager' from the list of options. 

b. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select the 'Task Manager' option.

c. Launch the Windows search option and type 'task manager'. Select the 'Task Manager' app in the search results.

2. Select the 'Processes' tab of Task Manager. If anything preceded by the word 'Ameego_' is running, select it from the list and then click the 'End Process' button. 

* If you see more than one instance of 'Ameego' be sure to 'End Process' for all instances.

* If you do not see any instance of 'Ameego' running in the processes tab, then proceed to step 3.

3. Using Windows 'File Explorer', navigate to C:\Ameego\Sync\. Then double click on the file named 'Ameego_application.exe' to start up the sync again. Once your Ameego sync has successfully been restarted, you should see an ‘A’ icon in your computer's system tray on the bottom right of the screen. If you are unsure how to navigate to this location using File Explorer, you can use one of the alternative methods below.

a. Type or copy the following text in your Windows search option - C:\Ameego\Sync

          • Click on the file folder match for C:\Ameego\Sync.
          • Double click on the file called 'Ameego_Application.exe'.

b. Click on 'My Computer’ or 'Computer' from the start menu or the desktop.

          • Double click on 'C:' drive on the left side menu. (AKA - OS C or local disc C)
          • Double click on the Ameego folder.
          • Double click on the 'Sync' folder.
          • Double click on the file called 'Ameego_Application.exe'.

You should start to see your missing data sync into your Ameego platform within 15 minutes of restarting the sync. The amount of time it will take to catch up all of the missing data will depend on how much data is missing.

Here is a demonstration of how to restart your Ameego syncer.



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