How do I view various sales metrics in Ameego?

You are likely aware that Ameego Connect syncs in the sales from your POS system, but did you know that we also bring in other varied sales metrics like guest & check counts, food & liquor sales and revenue centre sales? Well, we do! These are the metrics that can be used in your staffing guides to help you setup your department staffing levels needs and measure them against your weekly floor plans! 

To help you understand how to use these metrics, you can view the projected and actuals of all these metrics within our Intel Report called ‘Sales Metrics: Proj vs Act’.

Navigate to the Intel tab, then select the sub tab called ‘Reports’. 

Select the report called ‘Sales Metrics: Proj vs Act’.

Choose the week that you would like to review.


In this report, you will see a section for each of the sales metrics we collect from your POS system. Some of the sales metrics you will see in this report are Gross Sales, Net Sales, Total Guests (number of guests with checks open), New Guest, New Checks, Meal Sales, Meal Counts, Liquor Sales, Liquor Counts, Restaurant Sales Guests and Checks, Bar Sales Guests and Checks, Patio Sales Guests and Checks, Delivery Sales Guests and Checks and even Banquet Sales Guests and Checks.  

Within a section, we show you the projections, actuals and the difference of those in amount and percentage. We also have a line graph for a quick visual.

See our example below for the ‘Meal Sales’ section of this report. We are looking at the weekly summary for the week of Dec 14.


Now, click on any day in this week to show the details broken down into 15 minute increments. The line graph on top also shows the projected and actuals of this metric throughout the day.

This report continues more than we can show in this screenshot, but does continue down to your latest shift time setting.


The detailed view of this report can help you in two significant ways.

  1.  Help you realize if your forecasting method is working for you. Forecasting sales and metrics as close as possible to your actuals will help you make the right decisions in your scheduling. 
  2. Examining your actuals column can help you decide on the sales points to set within your staffing guide setup. If you haven’t already, click HERE to check out our knowledge base article for staffing guides setup.

Explore this report further on your Ameego platform, as we have many other sales metrics that can be very useful in your scheduling analytics! 


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