New Ameego Calendar

We have added a new calendar tab to the Dashboard menu!

The calendar will display all of your Book Offs (pending & approved), Events, Work Anniversaries and Birthdays. The aim of this calendar is to give you a condensed view of these important dates in one place. The calendar display can be set to monthly, weekly,  daily or 2 week intervals.

Check out the new calendar by navigating to ‘Dashboard’, then clicking on the sub tab called ‘Calendar’. Click on any item in the calendar to display more details. 

Here is a quick look at the new Ameego calendar. Calendar_overview.gif


Below is a summary of the Calendars functionality:

Calendar Views

Click on the view indicator on the upper right corner of the calendar. You can choose monthly (default), weekly,  daily or 2 week intervals view here. 

Once you have set your preferred view, you can adjust the date on the upper left if required. 

The right & left arrows will advance the calendar to the prior or next option depending on your view (next day, next week, next month etc.). Click the ‘Today’ button to get back to today’s date in the view you are set to.

Here is a demonstration of the different view options described above: Calendar_views.gif

Book Offs

Book offs will display different colours for approved or pending. You will find a link to go to Ameego’s Request Manager for more information about the specific book off request. You can quickly return back to the calendar from the Request Manager as well.

Here is a quick demonstration of the book off functionality: Approving_a_book_off_via_Calendar.gif


All day events and events with start & end times are displayed slightly differently in each view. You can also create an event right from the calendar by clicking on a date or time depending on the view you are displaying. You can still create events via the Scheduling tab as you did before. Events created in either area will display on the calendar immediately.

Here is a quick demonstration of how to create an event within the calendar: Creating_an_Event_from_Calendar.gif

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