Section 2 - Sharing Employees

Sharing Your Employees

The next step is to share your employees with the other store(s). You can share your employees with other stores and the other stores can share their employees with you. The store that the employee originated at will be considered their ‘home store’. We are currently logged into Ameego Demo 3 and will demonstrate how we share an employee with Ameego Demo 1. 

1. Navigate to People, then click ‘Sharing Hub’ on the sub menu. 

2. Click on the left area of a shared store name to display the shared employees between the two stores. Observe the screens that now display on the right. 

  • The first section will display ‘Your Shared Employees’. These are employees that you share with other stores. Your store is the employees ‘Home' store.
  • The second section will display ‘Employees Shared with You’. These employees have another home store and they are shared with you.

3. To share an employee with this store, click the ‘Share an Employee’ button on the upper right of the ‘Your Shared Employees’ section. 

4. Using the drop down list, select the employee to share with this store and click ‘Continue’.

5. Confirm the locations you would like to share this employee with. The default setting is checked to share this employee with all of your shared locations. Uncheck a location if you do not want to share an employee with that location. 

6. Click Continue. 

7. You can now ‘Share another employee’ and repeat the process to share another employee or click the shared store name to view your shared employee. The request has gone to the store that you shared the employee with and is pending their approval. 


Accepting a shared employee

The store that you shared your employee with (Ameego Demo 1) has a pending request to accept the employee. By accepting this request, Ameego will display this employee in the ‘Employees Shared with You’ section, and will also create a profile for the shared employee in your ‘Employee Manager’ section. 

For our demonstration, we are logged into “Ameego Demo 1” and will  accept the shared employee request for John Smith that was shared from “Ameego Demo 3”. 

1. Navigate to People, then click ‘Sharing Hub’ from the sub menu. 

2. Click the ‘Pending Requests’ banner.

3. Employee match setting:

  • Select a matching employee from the drop down menu only if the shared employee (John Smith) already has a profile at this store. 
  • Leave this setting as ‘No Match’ if this employee does not have an existing profile.

4. Select the department you want the employee to belong to at your store.

5. Click the ‘Approve’ button


Employee Manager

A shared employee will display in ‘Employee Manager’ at the bottom of the list of the department that you assigned the employee to. You will see the shared employee icon on his profile. If you hover over the icon, it will display which home store this employee belongs to.


All of the shared employees profile information is brought over with the employee from their home store except for wages, departments and badges. 

The following employee settings should be considered and observed for a shared employee:

  • Wages must be edited at locations that the employee is shared with for any applicable departments. If no wage is added, the employee will adopt the department default wage. 
  • Additional departments can be added to the shared employees profile.
  • Applicable badges should be added to the shared employees profile. 
  • A shared employee's availability is controlled by the home store and cannot be edited at a shared store.
  • A shared employee's name and username cannot be changed at a shared location.
  • You cannot deactivate a shared employee. The employee must be ‘unshared’ at the home store to deactivate them at shared locations. Once the employee is ‘unshared’ by the home store, they will automatically move to your ‘deactivated employees’ list. 



Unshare an employee or deactivating shared employees

An employee can only be deactivated from their home store. Once deactivated from the home store, this will automatically deactivate them from any shared locations. Be sure to communicate with other stores if you need to deactivate an employee that is shared with them.


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