Payroll Guide, Section 3 - Exporting your Payroll

Now that your settings are complete and you understand how to manage the data on the Time & Attendance page, you are ready to run a payroll export!

NOTE: We recommend performing a test export to ensure you are set up correctly prior to performing a live export. The test export is an important step and should be done in advance of your payroll deadlines.

Payroll exports are based on the employees shift information as listed in Ameego’s Time & Attendance screen.  Prior to performing an export, we recommend making any final edits and adjustments to hours worked to avoid any challenges.

Once you’re ready simply follow the steps below to generate a payroll export: 

  1. Navigate to INTEL, then click on the ‘Payroll Export’ tab.
  2. Enter the pay period start and end dates, and then click 'Generate an Export’.
  3. Review the summary page and then click the right arrow to advance to the export screen.
  • NOTE: The top of the summary page will notify you of any outstanding errors that you may want to address before generating an export.
  • Depending on the payroll provider you have set, you may have a few options to download your export. Click the appropriate 'Download' button and select the path to save your file. (This file can be opened in Excel for reviewing).
    • Ceridian needs the XML format 
    • All other payroll exports will require the CSV format for the payroll export. 
  • Follow your payroll provider’s instructions to import this file into their payroll system.
  • Here is a quick demonstration of a payroll export for Ceridian:


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