Manually Adding Employees and Departments

This guide is intended for those locations that do not sync their employees from their POS and enter them directly into Ameego.

Before creating your employees in Ameego you will need to setup your departments and department groups first. Follow the guide below to review each step of setting this up.

Department Groups

In order to schedule a department in Ameego, it must be part of a department group. You may notice that your platform already has one or more departments groups created. If these suit your needs, then there is no reason to create new department groups. 

Here is a screenshot of a location with 2 department groupsDepartment_Groups_screenshot.png

Many locations like to only use one department group to keep the scheduling consolidated. Other locations like to have a few department groups in order to separate the scheduling process (Front of House, Back of House) and for reporting purposes. 

For more detailed information on creating or editing department groups, click HERE to read our knowledge base article on this subject. 


You will schedule your employees for shifts in the departments that you create in Ameego. Some examples of departments are Server, Host, Bartender, Line Cook, Dishwasher etc. If you have an employee who works in more than one department, you will be able to assign different wages for each department that they work. We recommend that you create all of your departments before adding your employees in Ameego. 

How to add departments

    • Navigate to the 'PEOPLE' tab, then Employee Manager.
    • Click the 'Manage' button at the top of your list of departments.
    • Click the 'Create New Department' button. 
        • Add a name.
        • Add a department default wage (this will be used if you don't set a specific wage for an employee in this department).
        • Assign a color (Different colors for each department in a group is recommended).
        • Set the # of 'Auto Approved Book offs' for each day if desired or leave at 0.
        • Set the 'Book off requests limit' for each day. This will set a limit of how many employees can 'request' a book off for each day. You will still have the ability to approve or deny these requests.
        • Click the 'Create Department' button to save your department.
    • Continue to do the above steps until all your departments have been created.
    • Once all your departments are created, click the 'Manage' button again. Use the '+ Department' button within each department group to add a department to a group. All departments must belong to a department group.
    • Refresh your web browser page when you are finished.

Here is a quick demonstration of the steps described above:Adding_Departments.gif


After all of your departments have been created and moved into a department group, it is time to create your employees. It is important that you only create one profile per employee. You will have the ability to add multiple departments for an employee afterwards.

How to add employees

    • Navigate to the PEOPLE tab, then Employee Manager.
    • Click the department the employee will belong to, and then click the '+ Add Employee' button. If they will work in more than one department, add them to the department that you would consider as their primary department.
    • Fill in all the information fields for the employee. *The only required information needed to get started is their first name, last name, and wages. You or your employee can update the other information later. See the special note below about adding the employees email address.
        • If you add the employee's email address at the time you create the profile - the employee will be sent a 'Welcome' email from Ameego with login credentials. 
        • If you don't want the employee to receive this information now, do not add their email address when you create their profile. You or your employee can add the email address later.
    • You will see that Ameego has automatically added availability for all days of the week. You can edit this as required before you save this record. Your employee can also send you an updated availability when they login.
    • To save the employee record, click the 'Create Employee' button. 
    • You can then click 'Create Another Employee' to create another employee in the same department, or click 'Continue to "x" department' to view the list of employees in this department and move on to adding employees to another department. 
    • After all your employees are created, you can expand the record to add additional departments by clicking the '+ Department' button. This is necessary if you want to schedule the employee in multiple departments.

Here is a quick demonstration of the steps described above:Adding_Employees.gif


The next logical step is to create department badges and assign them to your employees. Click HERE to open our knowledge base document for a detailed guide on this subject. 



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