Advanced Labour Report (Real Time Sales)

The Advanced Labour report is available if Ameego has enabled ‘Live Sales’ at your location. This report will allow you to view various sales and labour data in 15 minute intervals as it happens!

This report can be found in Ameego Manager’s Intel section, as well as Ameego’s Time Clock module. Here are the details of these reports in both sections of Ameego.

Advanced Labour report in Ameego Manager, Intel section

Navigation: Intel, Reports, select ‘Advanced Labour’

The Advanced Labour report in Ameego Manager’s Intel section can be displayed for the current day (Live), a selected day, week or custom date range. You will also select the time intervals for the data in 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals. The columns of data that we will display in these intervals are as follows:

  • Time (from and to)
  • New checks
  • Net or Gross sales (based on your primary sales metric settings)
  • Labour hours
  • SPMH (sales per man hour)
  • CPMH (checks per man hour)
  • Labour cost
  • Labour percent

Follow the step by step instructions below to generate the Advanced Labour Report in Ameego Manager.

  1. Navigate to Intel, then Reports.
  2. Select the ‘Advanced Labour report.
  3. Select the ‘Report Type’ (Live, Day, Week or Date Range).Advanced_Labour_-_Report_Type.png
  4. Select the period intervals (15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour) you want to display. Advanced_Labour_-_Period.png
  5. Click ‘Generate Report’.

Here are the results of Live data in 1 hour intervals. Review the screenshot below to see the key fields of this report. Advanced_Labour_Report_from_Intel_with_Labels_-_Hourly_.png


Advanced Labour report in Ameego’s Time Clock module

The Advanced Labour report is also viewable on the tablet or pc that you have designated as your Ameego Time Clock. The only difference in the report generated in Time Clock mode is that the report type will always be live. View the report in Ameego Manager if you need to review previous days or weeks.

Follow the step by step instructions below to generate the Advanced Labour report in Time Clock mode.

  1. Select the 'Manager Functions' drop down menu at the top of the Time Clock page.
  2. Select ‘Advanced Labour'. Advanced_Labour_report_from_Time_Clock_1.png
  3. Select the intervals you would like to view (15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour).
  4. Review the results. Advanced_Labour_report_from_Time_Clock_2.png
  5. Click the ‘Back’ button to return to the Time Clock immediately. Otherwise, the screen will automatically return to the Time Clock after 1 minute.
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