Section 3 - Ameego Manager Functions for Time Clock

The following are functions that can be applied in Ameego Manager to edit shifts after the day that they occurred. 

Dashboard notification for an unclosed shift

If there are unclosed time clock shifts from a previous day, a notification will appear in red on your Ameego Manager dashboard. Follow the steps below to close these shifts. 

  1. Click on the date link in the red notification message and you will be redirected to the comparison view of the Time & Attendance screen showing the unclosed shifts for this date.
  2. Enter the ‘end time’ for the shift(s) in the space provided and then click the ‘Submit’ button. 
  3. You will then be redirected to the completed Time & Attendance page for that day where you can review and make additional changes to any shift if required.




Time & Attendance screen - comparison view

This screen below is the ‘comparison’ view of Time & Attendance. You will see this screen if you have just submitted end times to unclosed shifts as described above. You can also select this view from any date in the Ameego Time & Attendance screen.

This view displays the scheduled shift on the left side and the actual time clock shift on the right. This view can be useful for comparison and will allow you to edit the punches by clicking on the actual shift on the right.

Any times displayed in red are outside of scheduled times of the shift. 


Click on any actual shift on the right to see the edit options below. If you are in 'Normal View' of Time & Attendance, click the edit pencil to see these edit options.


Add or Edit Break options:


Time & Attendance screen - normal view

The screen below is the ‘normal’ view of Time & Attendance. You will see this default view if you navigate to ‘Time & Attendance’ via the ‘Intel’ tab or by selecting a date using the calendar/date button. This is a more condensed view than the comparison view, allowing you to see more details of the shifts on one line. 

You will still have the same edit options as described above when you click on the edit pencil icon to the right of the shift. 

You may also switch to the ‘Comparison View’ of Time & Attendance by using the blue button under the date. 



Time & Attendance - additional options

There are a few other options to note in the Time & Attendance screen. These are great options to use to track changes made by your management team and to make any necessary corrections to the actual labour. Review the sections below for the details of these options. 


Add Shift

Both views in Time & Attendance will display buttons that will allow you to add a shift that was not recorded for the day, and view all the change logs for the day. 

To add a shift, simply click on the ‘Add Shift’ button and edit the details. Once you click the ‘Add Shift’ button to save the shift, you can use the edit pencil icon to access the other edit options (add a break) if required. 



Change Log

To view all changes made in Time & Attendance, click the ‘Change Log’ button to view the details of the changes and who made them. 



Import projected shifts for this day

By clicking on this option, you can import ALL of the scheduled shifts for the day. Though this is not needed if you used the time clock, it is available in case your time clock device was not available.

This button will import all the published shifts for the day and will allow you to edit them the same as described above. 


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