Section 3 - Scheduling Shared Employees


We have added some extra visibility of shared employees in the ‘’Manage Schedule’ section. Review the screenshot below that indicates your shared employees, employees shared with your store and some other optional settings we reviewed earlier in this guide.

Your employee that is shared with other locations will display with the ‘home’ icon as shown below.



An employee that is shared with your store is displayed with the crossing arrows icon as shown below.



Employees that are already scheduled at another store display the shift tiles in grey. Employees scheduled at your store take on the shift tile colour of your store's department setting.



If an employee is shared from a store that does not allow shared stores to schedule them prior to the home store publishing the schedule will display with a greyed out background, as shown below. The ‘Add Shift’ button is not present if you hover over their shift area.



Once the employee’s home store publishes their schedule, the grey background will disappear and you are free to schedule the shared employees. 



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