Section 4 - Reporting and Intel (Shared Employees)

Time & Attendance

Employees that are shared with you and have worked a shift at your location will be included in your Time & Attendance actual labour. The employee name will show the crossed arrows icon indicating that they are a shared employee. 

We have also added a section on the lower half of the Time & Attendance tab called ‘Multi Store Shifts’. This will show you actual shifts of employees from your store that occurred at other shared locations. 

This section is for reference only and will not be included in the daily actual labour totals.



Intel Reports

We have added a new report in the Intel section called 'Payroll Reconciliation Report’. This report will summarize the hours and cost of shifts incurred by employees shared at your location. 

The top section of the report summarizes the actual labour dollars per shared location. The bottom section of this report shows the details of those shifts per shared location.


All other Ameego Intel reporting include the actual and projected labour of employees that are shared with you if applicable.

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