How do I subscribe to receive the Week to Date report email?

Did you know that you can sign up to receive the week-to-date email and the daily log notes via email? The report will be automatically emailed to subscribers early in the morning. The WTD sales & labour report along with the log notes from the previous day will help you and your team be ready for the day as soon as you arrive to work! Follow the steps below to sign up you and your team members to receive this daily report.

1. Head to the 'Intel' tab and open up the 'Week to Date' report.

2. Click on the ‘WTD email’ button.


3. Subscribe to the report by checking off your name or your team. The email addresses seen on this screen come from the employee profiles in Employee Manager. If updates are needed, simply make the changes in the employee profiles. 


4. You can also enter any email addresses on the right side that you would like to send this email to. It is recommended that this area is reserved for your head office teams and regional managers. Just type in the email address and click add!

Easy as that!

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