How can I see who changed a shift?

All users who have access to Ameego Manager can make changes to the scheduled shifts in Ameego.  Sometimes, you need to see the history of the actions performed on the schedule. We can help you with that! 

From the schedule page ('Manage Schedule'), you can access the 'Schedule Change Log' button to reveal all the schedule actions. This log will show you all the actions performed on the schedule and by whom. You can also take a closer look at all the actions taken on a specific shift by clicking on the 'Shift History' button within this page. See the steps below to review these logs. 

  1. Navigate to the Schedule, Build Schedule tab, then choose the week you want to review. 
  2. Click on 'Manage Schedule'.
  3. Click the 'Schedule Change log button.
  4. Review the log data that is shown by ascending date. 
  5. To review all the log data for a specific shift, click the 'Shift History' button if required. 
  6. Both pages have a 'Back to Scheduling' button allowing you to return to the schedule page.

Manage Schedule view


Schedule Change Log view


The schedule change log is sorted with the most recent actions at the top. You will see the date, time and the user who performed the action, along with the specific shift and the employees that were assigned or removed from the shift. We also show the publishing information for each department here. We have highlighted a shift change on the top of this log, and from this information we can see that on Jan. 26 at 9:22 am., ArthurL took a shift that was assigned to AlayaL and assigned it to BrianG. 

Within the 'Schedule Change Log' page, you can access the 'Shift History' button. This will allow you to view all shifts of the department group. When you click on a specific shift, you will see all the history of the shift in one view. The shifts on this page are sorted by the department first, then the shifts within the department by ascending date. Click on any shift on the left to see the history for that specific shift on the right.

Shift History view





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