How do I ensure Ameego is pulling the right sales numbers from my POS?

Ameego can use one of two primary sales metrics, gross or net. The primary sales metric that you choose will be the default used for sales and labour calculations in Ameego. If you would like to see our net & gross sales definitions in Ameego, click HERE to review this page.

Another important setting in Ameego is the earliest and latest shift times in your global settings. This setting will determine the earliest and latest shift times Ameego will record your sales as well as the times you can schedule your employees. 

You can access both of these in your global settings page in Ameego.



Follow the steps below to make any changes necessary to your Ameego platform:

  1. Click on the ‘Dashboard’ tab, then ‘Settings’.
  2. Click ‘Edit Settings’ at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Make the necessary changes. 
  4. Click ‘Save Changes’.


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