Consolidation Report

We have added a new Consolidation Report to the Intel section! This report will consolidate your sales & labour data for the entire week for each department group. The new report will have 3 sections, Day, AM and PM. Within these sections, the report will show the following figures for each day of the week:

  • Projected & Actual Sales (Primary Sales Metric).
  • Projected & Actual Sales for any Secondary Sales Metrics set in department groups.
  • Projected & Actual Labour Cost ($) for each department group.
  • Projected & Actual Labour Percent (%) for each department group.

Each of the figures above will display totals for each day of the week as well as AM and PM sections. The totals column at the end of each data row will essentially give you a week-to-date breakdown throughout the week.

This report is also exportable to Excel via a CSV file download. Minor layout differences will be present in the exported version (as merged column headers are not possible in this format) but the general layout will remain consistent. 

Here is a look at each section of the new consolidation report:

Day Totals:


AM Totals:


PM Totals:


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