How do I drop a shift?

You can drop any shift that is assigned to you in Ameego Anyware. It is important to understand that this is a request and the shift is still your responsibility until your manager sends you an approval. 

When you drop a shift in Ameego, we will send a notification to the team members that belong to the same department of the dropped shift. If there is a badge on the shift, we will only send that notification to the team members that also have that badge. However, any team member can see the dropped shift in the shift shop.

Here is how you can drop a shift in Ameego Anyware. 

Click on the Shift Shop tab in Ameego Anyware and then click the 'Drop a Shift' button.


Expand the shift you would like to drop and enter your reason for dropping the shift (required). Then click the 'Submit' button. 



When a team member chooses to 'pick up' your dropped shift, then that request goes to your managers for a shift swap. Your manager can approve or deny the request at this time.

If your manager approved the shift swap, you and the team member who asked to pick up the shift will be sent a notification.


If your manager denied the shift swap, a notification will only go to the team member that was denied the pick-up. The shift is still your responsibility at this time and the shift is still available to be picked up in the shift shop.


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