How do I reactivate an employee in Ameego?

If you have deactivated an employee in Ameego, you can easily reactivate them again from the 'Deactivated Employees' list found in the 'Unknown / Deactivated' section of Employee Manager. Reviewing this section is a prudent step to take when you feel that you are not getting your new employees synced into Ameego. Sometimes, the employee has already been synced into Ameego and has since been deactivated. Therefore, we will not bring them over in the POS Match again. Use the steps below to reactivate an employee in Ameego. 

  1. Click on the People tab, then the Employee Manager tab. 
  2. Click the 'unknown / deactivated' link shown below your departments and groups on the left side.
  3. Review the list labeled 'Deactivated Employees' to find your employee. 
  4. Click the 'Reactivate' button on the employees name to reactivate them. 


When you click the 'Reactivate' button, Ameego will briefly show you the department that the employee was moved to. 


The list of deactivated employees is sorted alphabetically by their first name. To find your employees quickly, try using 'ctrl + f' to search for them by name.


Employees with 'Unknown Department'

Sometimes an employee has already been activated from the POS Match, but their department was unknown. These employees will have been activated to the same 'unknown / deactivated' section, under the 'Unknown Department' list. Watch the demonstration below to show you how to find the employee and assign a department to them. 






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