Attaching files to messages in Ameego Anyware’s Inbox

We have added the ability for a user with ‘Manager’ permission level to attach a file to a message using the Ameego Anyware Inbox. No other permission level will have this ability. 

Here is how this will work:

Log in with a manager permission level and the ‘attached file’ icon (paperclip) will be visible to you when you are creating a message.



Compose your message as you usually would and then click the ‘Attach File’ icon (the paperclip). You can drop your file into the box indicated, or click on it to launch the file explorer so you can search for the file on your computer.



Please note there is a 25MB limit of the file you can attach. Once you have loaded the file, you will see a thumbnail for it. At this point, you will have the ability to remove the file if you have inserted the wrong one. 

Review your message and file and then click ‘Send Message’.



Once your message has been sent, you can edit the file name and description by clicking the edit icon.



Edit the name and/or the description and then click ‘Save’.



Notice the new file name and description, as well as when the file was uploaded and by whom. 



Notice in the screenshots below that users with permission levels of ‘Supervisor’ or ‘Regular Employee’ do not have the ability to attach files to a reply or a new message.









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