File Manager (Employee Profiles)

We have some exciting enhancements in your employee profiles to show you. We’ve improved the overall look of the information and added some great new features! You’ll now have the ability to add files to your employee profiles (any type of file, with a 25 MB limit per file). The profile will now also show you any recent HR notes you have created for the employee, and the ability to view all notes in an expanded view. 

Here is an overview of the new look of an employee profile and some of the key fields for our new additions.

To attach a file to the employees profile, expand their profile in Employee Manager and then click the ‘Go to File Manager’ button. 



You can drag and drop files in the box indicated, or simply click anywhere in this box to launch file manager, enabling you to browse to the file on your computer and insert it. Remember, a file cannot be larger than 25 MB.



Once your file has uploaded, you can click the edit button to rename the file.



Within the edit area, you can rename the file name, add a description, or delete it. Once you have completed your edits, click ‘Save’ or ‘Back’ to discard changes.



Once your edits have been saved, or if you clicked ‘Back’, you can now click ‘Back to Employee Manager or add another file. Notice the new file name and description, as well as when the file was uploaded and by whom.



Recent HR Notes:

We have also made the HR notes visible in your employee profiles. We will display two most recent HR notes, but you can click the ‘View All’ button to see ALL of the HR notes for the employee. If needed, HR notes can be edited in the HR manager from the ‘People’ tab.





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