Enterprise Messenger

Enterprise users can now send messages to groups of employees from the enterprise account dashboard! The groups of recipients that you can send messages to are based on the permission levels of ‘Manager’, ‘Supervisor’ and/or ‘Regular Employee’. You can even select multiple locations in a single message and blanket the world with your wisdom or requests!

Here’s how you do it:

1. Click on your enterprise account name at the top right of your screen to access the Enterprise drop down menu of options. Choose ‘Enterprise Messenger’.1_Access_Enterprise_Messaging.png


2. Choose the location(s) you would like to send a message to from the ‘Restaurant’ side, and the type of employees (permission levels) you would like to send your message to from the other.  Enter your subject line, type away in the message box and hit send. Easy as pie!2_Create_message.png

 Your message will prompt a notification (depending on staff notification settings), or can be viewed by navigating to the ‘Inbox tab’ in Ameego Anyware.

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