Can I message my employees through Ameego?

Yes, you can message your employees using the Inbox in Ameego Anyware. You can compose a single message and send it to one or multiple recipients at your location. Notifications will be sent to the message recipients via email or the app depending on their notification settings. 

Follow these simple steps below to send a message from Ameego Anyware’s Inbox:

  1. Login to Ameego Anyware via a web browser or the app. If you are a manager and are logged into Ameego Manager, click on your login name drop down menu and choose ‘Ameego Anyware’
  2. Select ‘Inbox’ 
  3. Click ‘Create New Message’ 
  4. Click the ‘To:’ field to select recipients of the message. You can click on the individuals or click on a department name to select all employees that belong to that department. 
  5. Click ‘Update Selection’
  6. Type your subject in the space provided
  7. Type your message in the space provided
  8. Click ‘Send Message’
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